Assess yourself

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  • What is the main function of the UN General Assembly?
  • In its resolution to revitalise the selection and appointment of the next Secretary-General, the General Assembly stressed the need to ensure equal and fair distribution based on gender and geographical balance (point 38). However, women did not fare well in the straw polls, including our own former prime minister Helen Clark. However, a recent Security Council Report on the appointment on the SG states that “the focus on the case for a woman Secretary-General did result in the male candidates stressing the importance of gender parity and it was thus highlighted as an issue within the UN“. Write down your view on whether the UN has been successful in revitalising this process. Why or why not? 
  • Describe your understanding of at least one other issue the General Assembly is trying to revitalise.
  • Why are nuclear weapons considered a threat to national and global security? Should it be the responsibility of the nuclear-armed states to eliminate them? What role do non-nuclear-weapons states play? 
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