Coexistence Art Exhibition

Coexistence Art Exhibition

COEXISTENCE is a giant, thought provoking outdoor art exhibition that is currently touring the world. Large, striking images bring the theme of coexistence to life and have a great impact on visitors and passers-by.

COEXISTENCE is a free admission exhibition featuring 44 individual panels 3mx5m in size including a new artwork by a Wellington artist.

The exhibition promotes the message of peace and tolerance with people around the world.

Cities that have hosted COEXISTENCE have used this opportunity to unify their communities and develop a healthy and open discussion about democracy and the possibility of living harmoniously side-by-side.

Order of Events:

1 March 2018 at Te Marae, Te Papa
Invitation Only

Coexistence Cultural Day
3 March 2018 at Waitangi Park
Free Admission
In collaboration with Multicultural Council of Wellington
A family event with multicultural performances!

UNA NZ International Women’s Day
8 March 2018 at Hippopotamus
Invitation Only
Sponsored by QT Museum Hotel

Resene School Art Project

Schools are invited to produce a collaborative artwork around the theme of COEXISTENCE. We encourage schools to start this project early in Term 1 using the web site and images as a guideline. Schools need to schedule the completion of this artwork by 11 March 2018. More information or contact Jill Oakley –

Schools Support Learning Programme 

In addition, to support learning, our friends at Wellington Museum are offering a special COEXISTENCE programme based at both the museum and Waitangi Park. This programme is suitable for Years 5 – 10.

More information or phone: (04) 910 2420 or email: (bookings are essential)

Artist’s Competition

As COEXISTENCE travels, local competitions are held in host cities and the most intriguing work is added to the exhibition during its journey. Local artists from the Wellington Region are invited to put forward an artwork based on the theme of Coexistence. The winner receives USD$1500.

More information…

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