Sustainable Development Goals Conference

Sustainable Development Goals Conference

Come to Wellington for the inaugural Summit on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in New Zealand. The Summit is a cross-sectoral collaboration working to accomplish the SDGs by 2030, also known as Agenda 2030.

In 2015, the 17 SDGs were signed off by all governments in the United Nations. Governments alone can’t deliver on the SDGs. The SDGs are an exciting opportunity for business, government, civil society and the tertiary sector to align their purpose and provide leadership on the delivery of Agenda 2030. It is critical that we transform our world and develop sustainable well-being. This Summit aims to start a cross-sectoral conversation to bring the SDGs home to New Zealand.

Victoria University of Wellington is the host for the inaugural Summit.

This Summit has two aims. First, to inform and excite leadership across sectors by displaying international and national examples of government, business, civil society and academia using and measuring progress on the SDGs. Second, we must act quickly and develop cross-sectoral partnerships and collaborations for concrete actions to deliver on the 17 goals.  This New Zealand Summit embodies Goal 17 – Partnerships for the Goals.

The SDGs are everybody’s responsibility!

New Zealand Social Sciences Conference 2017

New Zealand Social Sciences Conference 2017

Developing Global Citizens is our goal for 2017.

As the World becomes ever more globalized it is imperative that our students are prepared to think globally and act locally. Social Sciences is where students will develop the skills needed to have multiple careers and be able to understand complex World events. As educators we are tasked with preparing our students to succeed in an ever changing World. This conference aims to inspire us all to continue to foster the belief that our students can be leading members in a globalized world.

We invite you to listen to our Globally minded Keynote Speakers and Headliners; to participate in workshops led by contributors who think Globally and Act Locally; to check out the Globally Connected educational exhibitors; to chat with other Globally minded teachers; and to leave the conference inspired to take what you have experienced back to your classroom and help your students positively impact the World.

Come to SocCon – Napier, Hawke’s Bay, in October 2017. Developing Global Citizens!

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