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We are developing a UNA NZ Core Course aimed at secondary school students and first year university students. It provides an introductory subject that aims to develop awareness and understanding of the UN system and the global issues it tackles, and the often complex environments it operates in.

It encompasses 12 modules each presenting one week of a semester or two hours learning time and a set of questions and activities within each module to guide students to grapple with the many issues we face today.

We hope that this course will help you start your own conversations about the UN and empower you to participate as a global citizen because your role is crucial for a better future.

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Our Aims

The aims of this course are for students to:

  • build a foundation for study in International Relations & Political Science
  • develop awareness and understanding of the UN system and acknowledging the complexity of global issues it tackles
  • equip you with knowledge, skills and values to participate as active global citizens
  • help you start your own conversations about the UN and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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The course has 12 modules and is organised as follows:

  1. A brief history of the UN – “We the Peoples of the United Nations”
  2. The structure of the United Nations
  3. UN Security Council in action
  4. The Secretariat
  5. Peacekeeping to Peace building
  6. Economic development to human development
  7. Human rights to human security
  8. Human Security: The Environment & Health
  9. UN Sustainable Development Goals 1-8
  10. UN Sustainable Development Goals 9-17
  11. International Court of Justice
  12. Reform and challenges: the future of the United Nations

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Students and teachers may register on this site and have discussion about the content of each module. Students may also message one another and set up ‘meetups’ to discuss module content.

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